Sangathalaivan Movie Review (2021)

Sangathalaivan full Movie

Sivalingam is the leader of the local workers` union. When Rangan, son of a wealthy mill owner, joins him; the mill owners are in trouble. Will it end well for Rangan?

Despite having a few interestingly-written characters, Sangathalaivan is another half-baked attempt which relies more on conveying ideologies.

Sangathalaivan Movie Review

One knows what to expect and what not to from a film which has been titled Sangathalaivan, with Samuthirakani playing the lead role in it. Set against the backdrop of a small town, the movie has the actor playing a socialist who gets preachy for the umpteenth time. He essays Shivalingam, a fierce and revolutionary leader of an outfit which aims at the betterment of working labour. The story kicks off with him helping Rangan’s (Karunas) colleague who meets with a grave accident while working in a factory. The plot thickens when the factory owner (Marimuthu), who is forced to pay compensation to her employee, takes revenge against Shivalingam and Rangan.

The movie has its soul at the right place – the way ideologies pertaining to communism have been conveyed, though not new to the audience, are effective in parts. The struggles one faces while fighting for justice have been portrayed interestingly through a few realistic sequences. A few characters are interestingly developed, among which Karunas stands out with his performance, thanks to the varied emotions he displays. Marimuthu proves that the role of a merciless factory owner is a cakewalk for him. Sunulakshmi fits well into the shoes of a hapless girl who undergoes different struggles. Ramya Subramaniam and Vikram Anand do justice to their characters.

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However, the film offers nothing new and becomes preachy after a point which dilutes the decently built tension among a few characters. The scheme of things becomes predictable, too, in the latter half making things worse. Sangathalaivan is another half-baked attempt which relies more on conveying ideologies than an engaging screenplay.


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