Shaktimaan is even more relevant today: Mukesh Khanna

India’s favourite superhero, Shaktimaan is still as popular as it used to be when it went off air in 2005. Even though Avengers and Marvel superheroes enjoy a large number of fan following today, Shaktimaan will still be close to every 90s kids’ heart. And therefore, actor Mukesh Khanna, who played Shaktimaan in the TV series says that he feels relieved more than happy that the superhero story is now being adapted on the big screen. “More than being happy about making a trilogy of Shaktimaan, mere sar se ek bojh hat gaya hai kyuki main four to five years se yeh karne ki soch raha tha. A lot of people say that I have made their childhood, so I can understand their keenness also to see Shaktimaan be brought back,” says Khanna.



As the story has a mythological connect to Mahabharat, and is based on the universal thought of good winning over evil, Khanna believes that Shaktimaan is even more relevant in today’s time. “This story is based on something that is thousands of years old. In every century or every decade, there is a war between the good and the evil. So, this story is even more relevant today because aaj humlog kalyug mein reh rahe hai, jaha pe teen pairo mein adharm hai aur ek pair mein dharm hai. Kilvish (the antagonist) har kisi ke dil mein ghus chuka hai. Today, there are much different problems in the society but the fight is same and that’s why this will connect with people beyond their religion. It is the story of every household,” he says.

The actor has joined hands with a production house to make a trilogy based on the superhero-led show. He says that he needed to do it in collaboration with someone because it is too big a task. “I can’t reveal who I am working with but I am definitely not doing it alone. It is a Himalayan task. If I could make it alone, I would have done it already,” says Khanna, adding that this project has been long due. “Everyone keeps asking me when I am bringing back Shaktimaan because an entire generation has grown up with me. They have all become parents now but they still say that they get goosebumps when they listen to the theme song. A lot of people have told me to just release a few more episodes or another season on my YouTube channel but I am very clear that I do not want to bring it back for OTT platforms or online, this is meant for the big screen.”

Reference: HT

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