Shoaib Ibrahim & Dipika Kakkar Reacts On Their Romantic Chemistry & Trolling

Shoaib Ibrahim & Dipika Kakkar

One of the most loved television couple Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim talks about their romantic chemistry and online trolls.

Real-life couple Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim acted together in Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) eight years ago. Now, after all these years, they will reunite on screen and romance each other in a music video.

“We did get a few offers in the last few years, but they weren’t meaty enough,” says Dipika, adding, “Both of us are choosy, so we didn’t want to do just anything. I felt that this song, Yaar Dua by Mamta Sharma, was the right choice for us to make a comeback.”

Shoaib adds, “Though our pairing was appreciated in our TV serial, we didn’t get an opportunity to do another show. So, it was nice to work together again.” The couple met on the sets of SSK almost a decade ago and fell in love. After dating for four to five years, they tied the knot in 2018. Talking about the difference between working together then and now, Shoaib says, “When we shot for SSK, we were getting to know each other and had to rehearse a lot. But while shooting for this music video, it was effortless. Our chemistry hasn’t changed over the years because it stems from a strong bond.”

Dipika adds, “Between us, he is the sober one. While I keep laughing and cracking jokes, he listens and then reacts.”

Dipika says, “Since we also make a lot of funny videos, I was apprehensive if we would be able to complete the song without laughing at one go. But, thankfully, we managed.”

Shoaib and Dipika, who are active on social media, have faced their share of trolling, too. So, how do they deal with it? Shoaib says, “I have always believed that after God, if anyone is important, it is my family. So, if they are not okay, then I make it a point to protect them. I have never paid any heed to negativity on social media, but if it goes beyond a limit, I try and give a befitting answer. Having said that, I do feel that there is a lot of goodness around, and most people are supportive and positive. Both Dipika and I are responsible and mature people, who handle such things quite well.”

Did they enjoy spending time together during the pandemic? Dipika says, “We heard a lot of stories about couples not getting along because they went through so many issues, both financial and otherwise. I feel that the pandemic gave us time to be with each other and keep our friendship alive. We have our share of fights, but I like the fact that Shoaib makes an effort to spend time with me even when I am working. Like when I was shooting for my last show, he would come all the way and take me out for tea. These small gestures are so important. Life after marriage has had its ups and downs, but Shoaib continues to be my best friend.”

Dipika Kakar-Shoaib Ibrahim: Our Chemistry Has Not Changed Over the Years

Source: Times of India, India Times

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