Sobhita Dhulipala: All difficulties lead us to some learning, so what’s the point in crying?

The cut-throat nature of the film industry is not something new, and if one is a rank outsider, it becomes all the more difficult to find a footing, a discussion that’s been happening in the recent months. For Sobhita Dhulipala, too, it was not an easy road.

“My choices have been slightly on the experimental side, at least going by the conventions. So, when I did a project like Made in Heaven, people were like, ‘Oh you exploded on the scene.’ That’s hardly true. It took me seven years to get here,” she shares.

Dhulipala is not someone who likes to delve into the past, and neither she wants to be bitter about anything. “Whether it’s personal relationships or work endeavors, I don’t spend time in the past. I don’t romanticise the past. I’m very much in the now. All difficulties lead us to learning, so kya rona.?” the 28-year-old asks.

While the reputation of the film industry has taken quite a beating in the last few month, and it has been called out for being not so friendly to outsiders, Dhulipala says everyone has had their own journey, and their opinions are based on just that.

“This has been my journey, some are good experiences, some are not good. But this is what I’m doing of it. Different people deal with it differently. I reserve my opinions about others because I wouldn’t want others to have an opinion about me. I’m being my own self, sahi galta waqt ke sath pata chalega,” she explains.

The Ghost Stories actor further shares that when the debates about insiders vs outsiders, and nepotism started, she did identify with it initially.

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“I’m getting a lot of perspective from others. I’m like ‘Oh iske saath bhi aisa hua hai jaisa mere saath hua tha’. There are things you relate to, certain things you’ve heard of. So, for me, I’m not like sitting back and judging. I don’t have fully formed opinions because I don’t have enough knowledge about it,” she explains.

However, the actor wants to be optimistic about things. “Has it been difficult in my journey? Of course it has been. But it’s not final. I like the process,” she ends.

Reference: HT

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