Sona Mohapatra compares Kangana Ranaut’s supporters to fans of ‘male poster star of toxicity, Salman Khan’

Singer Sona Mohapatra has been at the receiving end of a volley of abuse after her recent criticism of actor Kangana Ranaut. Sona shared screenshots of the obscenities she has been getting from Kangana’s supporters and likened them to fans of actor Salman Khan, whom she called the ‘male poster star of toxicity’.

Without naming Kangana, Sona wrote on Twitter, “Interesting for me to note that the supporters of this lady actor are no different from the male poster star of toxicity, Salman.They troll with misogynistic fervour,ironically use gifs where a woman is stripped,objectified to showcase macho aggression, to put you down. #India.”

In the past, Sona has received death and rape threats from Salman fans, after she has called him out on a number of occasions, including his controversial rape comment and dig at actor Priyanka Chopra.


On Monday, Sona discovered that she was blocked by Kangana on Twitter and tweeted, “Kangana wants to criticise everyone & everything but doesn’t know the world works on reciprocity? Have to know how to take it, if you keep dishing it out. #fairplay.”

Sona said that Kangana has never raised her voice for anyone but herself, questioning her accusation that actor Anushka Sharma was guilty of ‘selective feminism’. “Also,Kangana hasn’t ever stood up for anyone but her own self & hasn’t acknowledged anyone who has cheered her in any case.That’s not a change maker or even thought leader of any worth.Yes,she’s been brave to call out some of the industry’s ills.That’s all.Will call her bluff,” the singer tweeted.

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Kangana’s sister and manager, Rangoli Chandel, hit out at Sona and called her comments ‘below average junk’. Sona responded, “Hahaha..the sister of the flag-bearer of the fight against what?Not nepotism for sure. My sisters don’t speak for me or troll for me,I have two.Also, Kangana might be impressing the mediocre with her messiah avatar, not me, surely not any basic intellect, forget intellectual.”


Rangoli justified why she stood up for Kangana and wrote on Instagram stories, “Your sisters won’t care about you I am sure you haven’t been involved with them or their lives at all but kangana is like an extension of myself so I definitely feel hurt when people like you try to feed off her fame that too day after day every day, come on go find someone else now leave us alone. I will try to google and find about you to be artistically aware @sonamohapatra.”

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Reference: HT

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