Sona Mohapatra questions silence of A-listers amid MeToo movement: ‘Not one woman or man stood up to speak any truth’

Singer Sona Mohapatra has opened up about why the MeToo wave didn’t turn out to be a major success in India. She was replying to a follower who claimed that the MeToo movement was hijacked very early on in India and was often used to settle personal scores.

After an actor accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual assault, a Twitter user tweeted, “Have always held that the #MeToo movement was hijacked very early on, & often used to settle personal scores. Online trails & destroying men on hearsay is dangerous. Question is: Why are the most vocal “believe her” advocates now suddenly in the “diss her” & “believe him” mode?”


Sona took to Twitter to share her views on the same. She wrote, “& no one from #Bollywood , the so called A listers actors & general ‘virtue signallers’ on all other matters that land them visibility & endorsements gave a flying f in any case even then. Not ONE woman or man stood up to speak any truth or anything in this matter. @IndiaMeToo.”

Turning down the user’s claim that the MeToo movement was used for settling personal scores, Sona replied, “Sad that you should make such broad stroked judgements on a movement that hardly found air to breathe here;victim shaming being so rampant.Can you please list any of these call outs that were used to settle ‘personal scores’ specifically?I know more than 100 that were silenced.”

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She added, “Systemic issues, lopsided power structures, boys clubs & institutionalised misogyny should trouble any fair human being. For the Hundred points symbol ‘S who bear the brunt of this societal structure to be undermined or ignored because of the 1/2 who ‘hijack’ or misuse is a travesty.”

Meanwhile, Anurag has denied all allegations made by the actor against him and said that he neither indulges in nor tolerates such kind of behaviour. He has called it an attempt to silence him.

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Reference: HT

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