Sonakshi Sinha: Movie business is an unpredictable place, things will be thrown at you and you will have to handle

Sonakshi Sinha might have been an actor for a decade now, but she’s been a part of the film industry ever since she was born. Daughter of veteran Shatrughan Sinha, she must have seen everything from close quarters, including the way showbiz has changed as a place.

She agrees, and says, “I’ve always been a part of this, but always kept away from it. It was not something you know because it’s so close to home, it was not something I was automatically drawn towards. I was more interested in sports, art and fashion designing, which is what I went on to do.”

Elaborating on how things have indeed changed a lot , Sonakshi refers to the stories she has heard from her father about their way of working and the industry.

“It was very different in that point of time. Now, it has evolved, as is with any industry. Times have changed audiences have changed, tastes have changed. The style of working has become different nowadays. For me, from where I am sitting and see it, it is a positive change. It is really a whole new level of professionalism which I have experienced,” she says. 

That fates change here every Friday is something which is common knowledge. What sells today, is something which can be rejected by audiences tomorrow, and an actor will always be in the limelight. Also, in today’s time, theatres shutting down until recently and films releasing on OTT platforms, including Sonakshi’s own upcoming Bhuj: The Pride of India, further prove the dynamic nature of the business.

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Sinha realises that well. “I think very early on in my career, I kind of left it to the Universe, that this is a place which is very unpredictable by nature. There will be things thrown at you, and you will have to handle. They will come out of nowhere. Then there are things which you will have to take control over or let go of,” says the 33-year-old.

Maintaining that till this point, she has never tried to go against the flow, Sinha adds, “Honestly, I have always been a person who generally likes to go with the flow. I don’t stress about things not in my control. Fortunately, I was able to understand this very early on. That’s what helped me sail through as well,” she ends.

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