Soni Razdan responds as Kangana Ranaut tweets about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: ‘Let’s not demonise mental health’

Minutes after Kangana Ranaut cited various alleged reasons behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide in her reaction to the AIIMS report that ruled out the possibility of his murder, Soni Razdan took to Twitter to draw attention towards mental health. Kangana had also named Soni’s filmmaker husband Mahesh Bhatt in her tweets.

Soni Razdan tweeted, “For those saying that ‘people don’t suddenly wake up one morning and kill themselves’ … No they don’t. And that is the whole point. They suffer for many years and struggle long and hard before sometimes sadly just needing to opt for an out.”


She continued in another tweet, “…Not from life. But from the suffering they’re enduring. Tragically that can involve suicide. Let’s not demonise mental health. Let’s please understand how important it is to address it as an illness. And don’t be scared or ashamed to get treated. It can save your life.”

Kangana had reacted to the AIIMS report, which confirmed Sushant’s death as suicide, ruling out all possibilities of it being a murder by strangulation. She took to Twitter and aired her old claims, “Young and extraordinary individuals don’t just wake up one fine day and kill themselves. Sushant said he was being bullied and outcast, he feared for his life, he said movie mafia banned him and harassed him, he was mentally affected by being falsely accused of rape #AIIMS.”

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She also raised several questions, one which was about the involvement of Mahesh Bhatt. She wrote, “With latest progress we need answers to few questions. 1) SSR repeatedly spoke about big production houses banning him. Who are these people who conspired against him? 2) Why media spread false news about him being a rapist? 3) Why was Mahesh Bhatt doing his psychoanalysis?”

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In more tweets, Kangana claimed Sushant was banned by several production houses. “Many of his films were dumped which looked like an evident conspiracy,” she said. She also targeted Rhea Chakraborty once again, saying “Morally and legally abetment of suicide is a murder.” Sushant’s father had filed a FIR accusing Rhea of abetment to suicide.

If you need support or know someone who does, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist. Helplines: Aasra: 022 2754 6669; Sneha India Foundation: +914424640050 and Sanjivini: 011-24311918

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Reference: HT

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