Sushant Singh Rajput’s niece shares birthday message her Gulshan mama sent her last year: ‘You are a rockstar’

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s niece, Mallika, has shared a message she received from the actor last year, on her birthday. In the message, Sushant apologises for not being able to call her because of bad reception.

Mallika took to Instagram stories to share the screengrab over the weekend. “Happy birthday my baby, I’m so sorry, stuck in a place with no reception, trying to call you. You are a Rockstar already and it will get only bigger from here.” Sushant’s contact details have been saved under ‘Gulshan Mama’.


The actor died on June 14, at the age of 34, in what has been called a suicide by the Mumbai Police. However, a new investigation conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation is currently underway. The actor’s father has accused Rhea Chakraborty, who was dating Sushant at the time of his death, of abetment to suicide.

Recently, Vikas Singh, the lawyer representing Sushant’s father, said he’d been told by an AIIMS doctor that Sushant was strangled to death. “Today, we are helpless as we don’t know in which direction the case is going. Till today, CBI has not done a press briefing on what they have found out. I am not happy with the speed at which the case is going,” he had said in a recent press conference, according to ANI.

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Mallika has shared several old pictures of herself with Sushant in the weeks since his death. She has also stood firmly by her family in their ongoing legal battle against Rhea. “I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to be drugged without your knowledge, be told you’re crazy when it takes effect, and keep you in that loop for months. It would take a lot cruelty to continuously play with someone like that,” she’d written in a tweet, implying that Sushant had been drugged by Rhea.

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Reacting to actor Lakshmi Manchu’s comments about Rhea’s vilification by the media, Mallika had written in a tweet, “I’m surprised that right now, some people are suddenly remembering what ‘pain of a family’ and ‘standing up for a colleague’ means.”

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Reference: HT

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