‘Thought Dharmendra would beat me up’: Samir Soni reveals he was scared to touch Hema Malini during Baghban

Samir Soni talked about his experience of shooting with Hema Malini for Baghban and said that he was hesitant to touch her. He played her son in the film, which was directed by Ravi Chopra.

In an interview, Samir said that when he first shot with Hema, he was reluctant to put his hand on her waist or shoulder because he was scared of her husband, Dharmendra. Back in the day, Dharmendra was known to be rather possessive about Hema. However, after their first rehearsal, Hema dispelled Samir’s doubts.

“The very first scene that I had to perform with her was when all her children come home for the Holi party. That sounded like an easy scene, but the problem here was that your on-screen parents happen to be Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini! I could take Mr Bachchan as my father figure, but Hema ji looked anything but like a ‘mother’. She was gorgeous,” Samir told The Times of India in an interview.

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“During the rehearsals, I could not put my hand around her waist or shoulder, which I normally would have. I was scared, as I had heard stories of Dharamji (Dharmendra), I thought maybe he will come and beat me up or something. So, after the first rehearsal I asked Hemaji if it was okay if I put my arm around her. And she was like, ‘of course’! I had a sigh of relief,” he added.

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Baghban featured Amitabh and Hema as an ageing couple who, having sacrificed their savings for their sons, express their desire to move in with them. The selfish sons treat them badly. The film was a major box office success when it released in 2003.

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Reference: HT

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