Tia Bajpai on taking voluntary drug tests: People told my parents ‘big stars do drugs, means your daughter too…’

She didn’t just want to post a simple message on social media, she wanted to present proofs that not everyone in the entertainment industry does drugs. So what did actor-singer Tia Bajpai do? She went ahead and got 10 drug tests done, and shared the reports on social media!

“Not everyone is the same, and if any of my fellow artists don’t want to get generalized, get a drug test done and put it out in public domain. #NotAllAreDruggies #GetATestDone #SayNoToDrugs,” read her Insta post. Talking to us, she says it was because of the constant comments her family had to hear.

“I come from Lucknow, and ours is a small community. Everybody has been asking questions about what’s happening, with the drug case in Bollywood. No one in my entire family has ever come to Mumbai and had a career in entertainment industry. My parents have been worried, and calling me again and again, first when Sushant Singh Rajput died, and then now. I don’t want to give them tension in this age, that too without me doing anything,” says Bajpai. 

What the 35-year-old wants is for the specific people abusing drugs to be named and shamed, instead of generalising everyone. She adds that people started asking her family whether this is what really happens. “Somebody told them ‘aapki beti wahaan hai, aisa ho hi nahi sakta ki bade stars drugs karte hain, toh aapki beti bhi…’ I got upset, because it was not fair for my parents to go through something like this. I do not care about what people think, but for me my parents are very important. They trusted me with my career choices, I should always make them proud. My mother said ‘if you have not done anything, speak about it’,” says the actor.

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But since she is saying not everyone does it, so drugs are indeed consumed by people here? Has Bajpai seen it with her own eyes? She says, “If such messages have come out, then it does happen. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is a very reputed organisation, they won’t point fingers just like that. I have never been a part of any group to be honest. Initially, when my first film Haunted (2011) was a success, I was invited everywhere, I will not lie, awards and everywhere. After two-three times, I decided I won’t be a part of it, and rather do my work. I had to pay for it with my work, I stated getting less of it. People were like ‘isko padhi hi nahi, why should we give her work?’ I have seen it all, the good and bad side.”

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Reference: HT

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