Tisca Chopra: A person’s true nature gets revealed at the time of a crisis and this was that period

The pandemic has been the most difficult period in everyone’s life with ongoing health crisis topped with economic slowdown. For actor Tisca Chopra, too, this has been quite distressing to say the least, but it has also brought her to a realisation.

“Everyone’s true nature gets revealed at the time of a crisis and this was a crisis in that sense. For me, I realised that I’m much stronger than I first thought. I felt terrible about the death, the devastation, the job losses — all of that is terrible,” she tells us.

However, the 46-year-old tried to find a silver lining in all this chaos, she released a poem — Socha Na Tha — depicting the realities of lockdown, and she finished writing a script as well as a book. 

“I’ve also been readying myself for directing my stuff. I’ve been beyond busy and very productive. I understood that you’re not stuck in traffic and don’t have to go from one place to another, and works get done faster then,” says the actor, who also has a short film coming up next month which she has produced, directed and written. It was shot before the pandemic.

Other than work, Chopra feels that the pandemic has also made her realise how it’s important to have an abode away from Mumbai, a place more close to nature away from humdrums of city life.

“I need to quickly make my house somewhere outside of Mumbai. Somewhere where there is a lawn. I realized that you can work in the city and stay and live your life in another place. I am looking at somewhere around Maharashtra but also Himachal Pradesh where I was born. I love the mountains and we are looking at some place which has ease at life,” she concludes.

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Reference: HT

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