Tom Cruise shoots another daredevil stunt for Mission Impossible 7 on top of a high-speed train, waves to fans

After hanging off an airplane and the Burj Khalifa, Tom Cruise is now ready to risk his life once again for Mission Impossible 7. On Monday, the internet was flooded with videos of Tom perched on top of a high-speed train, performing yet another daredevil stunt for the hit movie franchise.

Multiple fans spotted Tom and the movie’s crew in Norway, riding on the roof of a train amid some really stunning scenery. Lush green valleys and snow-covered mountains can be seen as Tom prepares to shoot the scene. He is secured with some harnesses as is the rest of the stunt crew.


A video even showed a bunch of excited fans making videos of Tom from their car while chasing the train. Tom smiles and then laughs at the screaming fans, ultimately giving them a wave. Director Christopher McQuarrie too shared a picture of Tom performing a stunt.


“Norway’s scale and beauty have left an indelible and defining imprint on our film and reminded us that anything is possible. On behalf of everyone working on Mission: Impossible, our sincerest thanks to The Norwegian Film Incentive, The Norwegian Railway Museum, the infinitely patient Stranda and Rauma Municipalities, our endlessly enduring Norwegian crew, along with everyone who supported our filming here. And, of course… The Mountain. Most of all, we give thanks to the warm and welcoming people of Norway. Your kindness and consideration are nothing less than an inspiration. We’ll miss you dearly and look forward to seeing you again. Tusen hjertelig takk. Buckle up, Roma. Here we come,” he wrote. He had been sharing multiple picture of Norway’s stunning landscapes on Instagram since the last week.

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Tom was last seen out and about in August when he caught a screening of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The Hollywood star documented his journey to the theatre amid the coronavirus pandemic and shared the video clip on Twitter. His post was captioned: “Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it.”


“Great to be back in a movie theater everybody,” he said after the film finished. When a fellow moviegoer asks about Tenet, Cruise replied that he “loved” the film.

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