Twinkle Khanna’s peaceful moment turns into ‘war zone’ as kids Aarav and Nitara get into a fight, see photos

Twinkle Khanna’s new Instagram post is proof that being a mother requires always staying on one’s toes. In a series of pictures, she demonstrated how her children, Aarav and Nitara, were peacefully lying on the grass one moment and at each other’s throats the next. She quipped that it only takes seconds for a peaceful moment to turn into a ‘war zone’.

Sharing black-and-white photos of herself with Aarav and Nitara, Twinkle wrote, “Being a mom involves quick transitions – it’s a matter of seconds before you go from lazing peacefully on the grass into the midst of a war zone! #MamaMiaHereWeGoAgain.”

In the first picture, Twinkle and Aarav were seen lying on blankets laid out in the grass. In the second, Nitara joins her elder brother. In the third photo, the siblings are seen in the middle of a full-blown physical fight as the author tries to stop them.


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Recently, in a video interview shared by Akshay Kumar on his Instagram page, he and Twinkle discussed a number of topics including parenting techniques. She revealed that she would scare Aarav into finishing all his food when he was younger.

“I used to tell my son when he was little that if he was not eating his food, the mutton lady would come and she would cut his fingers up, fry them and sell it at Juhu market. Now, this is a horrific story. He didn’t really eat French fries for a very long time because he thought that French fries were made by the mutton lady. But it did the trick and he did eat his food,” she said.

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Akshay advised against this technique and said that Aarav must have been a ‘little scarred’ because of this story. “Thank God my daughter is too intelligent and she is amazing. Am I right Nitara? You don’t get bullied by your mother saying all this mutton lady and ghosts, right?,” he added.

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Reference: HT

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