“We don’t give time to people to prove themselves. We just come to conclusions: Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee has been on a roll. The casting director and actor has been enjoying the success of his numerous projects released in the last six months including the web show Paatal Lok. Having seen the highs and lows in his career and working hard to becoming an actor, the Stree (2018) actor is quite disappointed with the current scenario in Bollywood including Sushant Singh Rajput’s death investigation and the drug probe.

“I feel, we need to bring back love. Society is being driven by hate these days. I wasn’t prepared for it as an artist and a human being. We live in a time when everyone has an opinion. And at times, we should just sit back and listen to the other person. Our opinions are becoming more important than the harmony of society. Aaj mahaul nafrat ka hai, and we should change the perception. We need to be loving and emphatic with each other.


Ask him about the image of Bollywood being tarnished and how it would affect the industry in the future and he says, “Till the time, we are honest to our craft and as long as we don’t let anything negative affect and stay away from corruption, everything can change. Pehle bhi bahut bada yogdaan raha hai industry ka. We can’t forget the contribution art and cinema has made to society. So many people must have been affected by some movie or the other and felt driven to do something in life. That emotion comes from cinema and it won’t go away. No matter what, everyone wants to see good work and good art.”

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He draws an analogy about sports and cinema, as even in cricket, when the Indian team doesn’t win a game, people show their displeasure and the same people garland cricketers at airports when they win the next game. “I have heard so many stories about people stone pelting the houses of cricketers and later cheering for them. Basically, society is fickle-minded. We don’t give time to people to prove themselves. We just judge and come to conclusions. As a society, we have to stop doing that,” he signs off.

Reference: HT

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